Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

lavender lip oil

Mmmmmm, Lavender. There's something about the scent that's so warm, inviting and comforting. In addition to being a beautiful colour, Lavender has many benefits when applied to the skin.It originates from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India, and is actually part of the mint family. Its use in history goes back 2500 years! Read on to find out 5 amazing benefits of Lavender essential oil.

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1) Anti-fungal

A study published by researchers in the Journal of Medical Microbiology found that lavender oil was lethal to a range of strains that can cause diseases in the skin. It works by destroying the membranes of fungal cells. Disease free for me please.

2) Aids in sleep

Lavender's calming effect can help people to sleep better. The volunteers for a sleep study showed a significant improvement in sleep quality and a persistent positive effect of heart rate variability when they used lavender before bed. (Use Lavender Lip Oil Hydrator as part of your night time skin care routine!)

3) Treat anxiety

Lavender extracts can have an anxiety-reducing effect on the brain, due to the chemical structure of the molecule. Deep breath in and chiiiiill.

4) Bug repellent

The smell of lavender essential oil is a big turn off for many types of bugs like mosquitoes, midges, and moths, and if you do happen to get bitten, lavender can help help your bites much faster!

5) Smells Great! 

Lavender not only looks beautiful but its smells so great too. Use your lip oil hydrator as a roller scent on the collar bones to give a gentle fragrance!


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